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What is Integrative Counselling / Psychotherapy?

There is some general consensus that 'no one approach is adequate and works for all problems or all people'. Integrative counselling / psychotherapy draws from a number of approaches and methods.As an Integrative Counsellor I have the advantage of providing a more tailored approach to clients and the problems they are experiencing. It permits to look at problems and solutions through different lenses.
Sometimes what we see as 'the problem' may be a way/a solution we have adopted to cope with an unmanageable situation.

How can Counselling / Psychotherapy help ?

Clients often report the following benefits:

  • A greater understanding of their experience
  • The realization that what they feel is normal and that they are not alone
  • It is helpful to share thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged
  • Being able to make sense of their difficulties
  • The ability to view their problems from different perspectives
  • Increased resilience and confidence
  • A wider range of coping strategies / skills and choices

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  • Who can benefit?

    You do not have to be in a crisis to benefit from Counselling / Psychotherapy.
    More and more people consider therapy an investment in their personal development. It can benefit all areas of one's life
    I have worked successfully with individuals, couples and families, short term / long term, dealing with a wide range of issues such as: anxiety, depression, unhelpful repetitive patterns of behaviour, relationships issues, family issues, living & coping with the effects of addiction and recovery (current or historic) fertility issues, chronic illness, self-image, confidence, self-esteem, shame, anger management, bereavement, stress, career issues, communication, life changes, emotional regulation, personality disorders, trauma, parenting issues and personal development.

    What is coaching?

    Coaching uses active listening, a structured use of questions and other tools to help you focus. Unlike Counselling it doesn’t delve into the past or problems but focuses on solutions and the present.

    Coaching can be a powerful way to help you identify and clarify goals and to support you all the way in planning realistic achievable steps to get you where you want to be. The coach is there to provide a much needed positive encouragement, a different perspective and to remind you of your resolve and goals when your motivation is low. A coach is not there to judge, to offer opinions or advice but to help you recognize your skills and prepare you for challenges that may get in the way.

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    How can Coaching help ?

    Coaching can help with:

  • career, getting a new job, creating your own business, finding a better life-work balance, prioritizing and time management
  • health, fitness
  • relationships, improving communication, planning an adventure, building confidence
  • moving forward in your life, recognizing and using your skills more fully.

    Artwork courtesy of Zara McQueen

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